Carl (the_ed) wrote in shareworld,

Modern Mags

In design someone recently posted a list of design-related magazines, which you can see here. These are mostly PDF or Flash magazines. Anyway, out of curiosity I had a look at a couple of them - Dank and this is a magazine.

Dank's a zipped PDF you have to download and unpack before viewing and issue 2 consisted of an interview, an article and a lot of pictures. It has a reasonably complex interface, but it's a bit of an overkill while the mag's not much more than a slideshow.

this is a magazine ran straight from the Web and presented you with a book-like interface, it showing two pages, you clicking on the right one to go forward a page, and on the left one to go back. What was displayed was spread over both pages. Couldn't be simpler and worked well, though I would've liked some indication of where I was in the mag. Its content was more graphic than text-based, but it was much more than a slideshow and had a marked war-based focus. The better of these two mags.

Conclusion? Not a lot of difference to the better floppy-based scene-mags of yesteryear. Which is to be expected I guess. More pixels to play with doesn't alter the basics, which are a computer, mouse and screen - and whether or not you've a decent number of contributors.
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